What I Learned from Dan Tyre: Throw Everything You’ve Learned Out the Window

What I Learned from Dan Tyre: Throw Everything You’ve Learned Out the Window

Since I joined the workforce at a very young age, I’ve been selling in some capacity. So when my Channel Account Manager (CAM) from HubSpot told me about the Pipeline Generation Boot Camp, my initial thought was sales is sales and generating a pipeline is well, generating a pipeline. So I’m sure what I’m learning will be the same concept of what I already know, just put differently. Being in sales in some capacity for the last 18 years made me feel like I heard it all. Oh man, was I wrong!

When I went to Inbound in 2017, I had the pleasure of hearing Dan Tyre speak. His energy and enthusiasm are unmatched so when my CAM said that he was leading the boot camp, I knew it was a big deal and my attitude changed quickly. In my short period of hearing him before, I had picked up a few nuggets so my thoughts of “I know most of this stuff” went out the window quickly and I became eager to learn more and for this boot camp to start. 

The boot camp begins

Within minutes of beginning this boot camp, I immediately realized that this was far more than talk about sales. Dan Tyre was going to help me step my game up and take my then “marketing agency” to a new level. He was going to transform the way I thought. As he gave us a little background about him, he explained how he has done a lot of studying about the brain and that’d he be tying that it a lot during our upcoming weeks together. Being a psychology major, I grew even more intrigued. While I remained intrigued, I grew a bit nervous because he threw us right in the deep end with having us participate A LOT! We were practicing in front of our peers almost immediately and while it was nerve-racking at first, it became fun and my confidence began to grow. As our time together wrapped up, he said exactly what I needed to hear to a veteran salesperson in our group – “Everything you’ve learned in the past 20 years, you have to throw out the window.” That was a pivotal moment for me that made my ears perk up!

What went out of the window?

  1. Cold calling – cold calling is a thing of the past. From now on, we’ll be warm calling. Even though we may have never met the person we’re calling, we are going to warm call them. He gave us the skills to be able to research our prospects enough that it would be easy for them to conversate with us. 
  2. Marketing and Sales – it’s now smarketing. Dan invented this fun word – smarketing, and even made several of us say it during our first week together. He even offered us a breakfast sandwich if we got one of our prospects to say it during a call. Just one of the many fun things he integrated into our time together. 
  3. Marketing Agency – that’s so 2018. People are shying away from marketing agencies. Some have been burned by them and they really need someone who can put numbers behind their efforts. For example, many marketing directors or VP’s will come into a meeting and can say how much they spent but they can’t tie it to how much they brought in. There’s a huge problem with this as the whole idea is to spend money so that you make money. A growth agency looks past the marketing. They focusing on growing the company. Therefore, they have to look at marketing, sales, and service. By doing this and putting the correct systems in place, like HubSpot, you can be precise about the ROI for a company. If we’re given a budget of $800,000, we can now say, we brought it $3.7 million in revenue utilizing that $800k. 
  4. Targeting Everyone – stay focused! “In 2019, the riches are in the niches.”, says Dan. “By niching, you think you’re limiting yourself when if fact you’re not!”. This allows us to provide our expertise to a specific industry that we have a lot of experience or education in. When Dan was explaining this concept to us, he brought up the analogy of a surgeon by asking the question who makes the most money – the general surgeon or Tiger Woods’ knee surgeon. Well, the knee surgeon does because that’s his specialty. 
  5. Sitting Down and Not Smiling – you better get excited! When you sit down, you stress. When you smile, people can hear it. Therefore, when we practiced on our calls, Dan would have us stand up and smile. Sometimes we even had to scratch our chin as we looked up to the ceiling…another funny thing he had us do that made us all laugh. By standing and smiling on our calls, we come across more confident and pleasant which of course makes the outcome of our call better. 

While these 5 specific things went out the window, my old mindset went out of the window too. This for me was the biggest achievement during this boot camp. I started believing in myself more and the capabilities that we have as an agency. Since being in this boot camp, we have brought on three more people to help our agency deliver our services. All three of these people approached me about being a part of our team because they see what we’re doing and how we do it. It’s a good feeling. What’s an even better feeling though is hearing Dan say things such as he believes in us and he actually means it! He knows that the tools he shared with us are going to help us reach our potential.  This boot camp has helped me grow personally and professionally and I’m so grateful for Dan helping us learn and grow!

Casey Clark

Casey Clark

Casey is a lifelong learner and loves sharing her wealth of knowledge with others. She's a geek about marketing and helping others reach their fullest potential so you'll often find her writing about all things growth related.

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