weTHRIVE – Michelle Newman


Founder of The New Mid Academy & Host of The New Mid Podcast

Michelle Newman is the founder and CEO of The NewMid Academy. She is a loving wife and mother of two daughters, and a former award-winning TV executive, Adventure Racer, and Ironman Athlete. Following the success of the NewMid Podcast and radio show, Michelle started The New Mid Academy, a coaching program aimed at helping midlife women achieve their full potential by providing a proven, holistic approach that delivers results. Michelle’s clients that aimed to lose weight have lost an average of 25 lbs. 92% of her clients who wanted a new job found one or secured an attractive promotion within 6 months. 11/12 clients who wanted an better relationship with a family member, friend or co-worker reported a major improvement after 3 months. The New Mid Academy provides professional coursework and experts, one on one counseling, goal setting, accountability and support for any women who wants to become the very best version of themselves so they can have an abundant second half.

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weTHRIVE Episode 36 Transcript - coming soon!

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