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Business scientist and Owner of Future thinking consulting

Catherine Barton, PhDC is a Business Scientist and owner of Future Thinking Consulting (Individual and Organizational Consulting). Ms. Barton takes her client’s obstacles, challenges and goals very seriously and always strives to increase production while revealing and correcting inefficiencies. She is close to finishing her dissertation that focuses on American Business Expats working abroad – her doctorate specializes in Leadership Development. Catherine utilizes scientifically-backed procedures to professionally develop entrepreneurs, small business owners, and large corporations.
A couple of current successes that she has experienced was with her Frederick MY Future Thinking Masterminds group – they have added $500,000.00+ on top of their wages after finishing the scientifically based trainings and One-on-One Coaching. Also, Catherine received an international award from United Nations for developing an in-depth plan to empower women all over the globe to realize health, economic and educational success. She was the top finalist in a group of 500 international competitors.
Ms. Barton has created an online, self-paced, science-based Leadership Development Program, Future Thinking Consulting Academy, that takes 27 traits of a successful leader. It is used by entrepreneurs to give them an edge over their competitors to large organizations in their Corporate Continual Improvement Efforts. It aligns 1,000s of leaders at the same time no matter where they are located and with varying individual abilities. On average, the students of the Leadership Development Program are 7-35 times what they put into the program. That means every $1 they spent, they made $7 to $35 more. The Program is going through the GSA Scheduling process and costs almost half of what the average organization spends on training its leaders. “Cultivating Intense Potential”
Catherine is training to do a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail in 2025 or 26. She enjoys painting, spin class, and laughing with just about anybody. If you ask her she will tell you LIFE IS GOOD!

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